To an audience, sound is meaning: whether for a corporate meeting or a multi-day music festival, sound shapes the audience experience and creates a memory that lasts far beyond the moment. To our clients, quality sound represents the culmination of hours of planning and coordination that can make or break an event. LJ takes the worry and hassle out of live sound by taking care of both our clients and their audience.

We specialize in the following:

Full event production: LJ guides clients through the event production process, providing hands-on support and coordination. From site surveys and planning to installation and live engineering, we do everything it takes to realize our clients’ vision.

Sound system design and installation: Our technicians know how to design a system so it sounds and works perfectly. In addition to customizing equipment and full systems to client and site requirements, we provide detailed support every step of the way.

Live sound engineering: LJ’s team of seasoned engineers do a lot more than turn knobs; we carefully shape the sound of a room for maximum audience enjoyment. But we also serve as your event anchor, providing valuable client communication, keeping cool under pressure, and making sure events unfold smoothly.

Equipment sales and rentals: Because we regularly use this equipment ourselves, our standards are high: that’s why we only provide the best-sounding brands at competitive prices. Not sure what gear is right for your purposes? We’ll guide you to the equipment you need (and only the equipment you need).

Learn more about our event production, system design, installation, sales, and rental services, or contact us to discuss your needs.
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